How to be comfortable at any hotel

It’s been said time and again that there’s nothing like a good night’s sleep in your own bed. So when you travel, odds are you might find yourself uncomfortable or unable to sleep well for various reasons. The comforts of home are left behind, and you have to rely on the amenities of the hotel where you plan to stay. If you don’t come prepared, you could spend all night tossing and turning and becoming frustrated. But don’t fret — Muskogee Inn has put together a quick checklist of how to be comfortable at any hotel.

8 ways to be comfortable at any hotel

  1. Bring your own bed pillows. There are numerous studies out there about how having the right type of pillow for your sleeping style is essential for sleepbed pillowsing well. According to an article in the Telegraph UK, not only is the elevation and firmness of your head support important, but so is matching the right type of pillow to your sleeping style.
    Some hotel pillows are flat while others are extra fluffy. Both styles might hinder your sleep if you aren’t used to sleeping on those kinds of pillows. So save yourself a night of insomnia and pack your bed pillows.
  2. Bring your own blankets. Same idea as with pillows — some hotel rooms might leave you shivering at night with inadequate blankets. You don’t have to bring the heaviest blanket from your house, but just having a throw cover will add warmth to your room and make you feel at home.
  3. Talk with hotel staff about specific accommodations. More often than not, guests will become irate and write bad reviews because something about the hotel room was not to their liking. But many of those people didn’t bother to ask the staff for extra pillows, towels, coffee, soap, etc. comfortable at any hotelHad they just inquired about getting a ground level room, they might not have complained about a lack of elevators. Or maybe they should have asked to be on a floor with no children if the noise was bothersome. Simply asking nicely could have solved a minor problem. Don’t hesitate to engage with hotel workers. They want your stay to be comfortable, so let them help you.
  4. Request a new room if the bed is too soft or too firm. Don’t be afraid to ask the hotel staff for a different room if you get to yours and realize the bed is uncomfortable. Smaller mattresses often are firmer, so if you prefer firmness, ask for a full or queen room.
  5. Block out noise by using earplugs or requesting an end unit away from traffic. The most common pet peeve of many hotel stays is noise. Whether it be from too-thin walls or from road and hallway traffic, you can eliminate some or all of the commotion by having earplugs handy. Another way to enjoy the quiet is to get a room in the back at the end of a hallway. The corner units tend to create a small cocoon and you will only have one neighbor instead of two on either side.
  6. Stick to your bedtime routine. When you are traveling, it’s easy to get in the habit routine, hotel, comfortableof not being in a habit. I mean, that’s the reason for a vacation, right? To not have to do every day things? However, when it comes to going to bed, routine is exactly what you need. If you usually read before bed, then bring a book. Tune in to that TV show or listen to your regular ambience music app on your phone. Whatever it is you normally do, do it. Your body will recognize the habit and sleep will come naturally.
  7. Be smart and read reviews. There’s nothing worse than finding a great room rate and then getting to the hotel to find things are not what you expected. You do a quick online search and see a plethora of bad reviews across multiple sites for your choice hotel. When you book online, take the time to read TripAdvisor, Yelp or other reputable reviewing sites to make sure you get the best hotel stay possible. Also consider that just because one person had a complaint doesn’t mean that’s the norm for that hotel. Call the hotel and inquire about your concerns before booking the room. Then you will know you made the right choice.suitcase
  8. Unpack your suitcase. Even if you are just staying for one night, putting your clothes away in the chest drawers or hanging them in the closet will make it feel like you are home. Everything has a place at your house, so why not in a hotel room? Put your toiletries on the bathroom counter instead of leaving them in your travel case. In might seem like extra work, but you will realize, even if unconscious about it, that you don’t feel like a guest, you feel at home.

Rave Reviews

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Hospitality is a competitive industry. Guest reviews often dictate where a traveler will stay, and the effects of online reviews can make or break a hotel chain. Having a good reputation and getting rave reviews are assets no hotel can afford to lose.

Customer service is key to any business, and here at Muskogee Inn, it’s no different. We strive to provide our guests with the best experience while they are away from home, and we embrace consumers’ opinions in the form of online reviews.

Muskogee Inn ranks at the top of good reviews from various websites, such as, TripAdvisor, Yelp and more.

Here are a few statistics about rave reviews for hotels and the role it plays on bookings:

  • 50 percent of consumers will not book a hotel that doesn’t have reviews
  • According to, higher reviews result in more bookings 3.9 times more than negative or no reviews
  • Guests read 6-12 reviews before deciding where to stay

Muskogee Inn racks up another award




Muskogee Inn is on a roll with awards and customer service this year. It was recently announced that the Atmore hotel has won the 2015 Talk of the Town Customer Satisfaction Award and has received a 5-star rating.

Only the highest rated businesses have been chosen to receive this award, presented by Talk of the Town News and Celebration Media, according to a news release.

This is the second year in a row Muskogee Inn has won the award.

“We are so excited and honored to be given this award,” General Manager Rochel Martin said. “To be rated a 5-star hotel is exactly what we aim for, and providing high quality customer service is our top priority. If our customers are not happy, we are not happy. Our goal is to make your stay with us effortless and as comfortable as possible.”

Martin said Muskogee Inn repeatedly has topped websites with good reviews and is proud its customers hold the hotel in such high regards.

“Our staff goes above and beyond in assisting our guests,” Martin said. “And that translates into repeat customers.”

Summer music concert series picks up another big act

The Band Perry concert flyer

Shine your boots and dust off your cowboy hat — The Band Perry will be performing at 8 p.m. Sept. 18 at the amphitheater at Wind Creek Atmore! The concert was rescheduled from the originial date in August.

Tickets went on sale June 29 at

Siblings Kimberly, Reid and Neil Perry are from Mobile, Ala., so it’s almost like a homecoming show for the band, who debuted in 2010. With a perfect blend of harmony, the trio layers vocals like you have never heard before.

Their hit songs “If I Die Young,” “Better Dig Two,” “Don’t Let Me Be Lonely” and “Chainsaw,” among many others, might sound a bit like a heavy topic, but don’t let that fool you. The group has said they pull energy from bands such as Queen and other rockers, all the while staying true to their country roots. Their songs have meaning and a purpose and are “all about real life.”

The band recently announced they have something big to share in the next couple of weeks, so keep your eyes and ears open so you don’t miss what they have planned. In the meantime, be sure to purchase your tickets for the Atmore show before they are sold out.


More concert announcements

In addition to The Band Perry, as previously announced, Big & Rich with Cowboy Troy will be performing at 9 p.m. July 25 at the amphitheater. Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased at, by phone at 800-745-3000 or at Essentials inside Wind Creek Casino and Hotel in Atmore.

If you like loud, boisterous, rockin’ country music with a few ballads thrown in for good measure, then this unlikely duo will knock your socks off!


New look at Muskogee Inn

Need a place to stay for Big & Rich or The Band Perry concerts that are coming up soon? Look no further than Muskogee Inn, which is conveniently just an eighth of a mile from the amphitheater at Wind Creek, directly off Interstate 65 at exit 57. Take the free shuttle from Muskogee Inn and save yourself the headache of finding a good parking place.

Check out recently remodeled rooms, which boast of fresh bedding, drapes, new carpet and paint, plus updated furniture and amenities.

Guest also get a free play at Wind Creek with every stay! So after the concerts, you can play at the casino and wind down from the excitement of the show.

Muskogee Inn is a budget friendly hotel, so you always stay for less and play more. Make your reservations today!